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The Munajat Backpacker has relations with some communities and local NGOs with interesting issues. If you are interested you can join them.

Promotion and education of body authority, sexual and reproductive health and rights. Empowering people and enhancing social movements, expand discourse and increase support of existing networks for equality and humanity. Special areas of competence: sexuality, reproductive health, human rights, counseling, trauma healing, building woman self help groups.

Is the citizen movement whose aim to promote tolerance against any violence toward LGBT ,race, religion and believe. Save diversity also encourages people to stand up to their voice according to any ability and talent blessed on them. If you sing "sing it out loud with pride, If you paint, paint your mind and color the world the way you like it.And we do believe your bravery and creativity will unite this diverse universe.

People Like Us (PLU) Satu Hati
merupakan sebuah Community Based on Organization (CBO, Organisasi Berbasis Komunitas) yang bergerak di advokasi Hak Asasi Manusia untuk LGBT di Yogyakarta.

n pendampingan untuk korban situasi konflik, krisis, bencana berbasis HAM

Needle n’ Bitch yakin bahwa setiap individu keren tanpa konsumtif

Needle n’ Bitch yakin bahwa setiap individu sexy tanpa stereotype gender

Needle n’ Bitch yakin bahwa setiap individu dapat otonom atas tubuh & pilihan hidupnya
Needle n’ Bitch yakin bahwa setiap individu adalah pemberontak!


The right to live, the right to safe abortion.
Why we choose ' Its My Circle' tagline

- circle is symbol of os
- the issues is belong to everyone, all is in the circle. 
- it give power to say that this is our right, our cervix is ours, our authority.

A youth community which is interested on peace building and conflic resolution issues, started on 2002. We have various programs to build the peace within youth society. Every program is based on our core values:

- Youth

- Pluralism

- Non-violence

- Participation

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